Briefs and a Cup of Tea

Day 3 and not really a moment to think about missing L and the kids.  I was straight into it in a big way with a quick introduction around head office then into a senior management meeting on developing the company’s medical capabilities in-theatre.  I left with the impression that my new company is a very professional unit, extremely busy and working at a frenetic pace. No weekend for us as it was straight back into the office today for a brief to me by St, the Chief Operations Officer, which left my head spinning. It reinforced my early views of the company but gave me a bit of a fright. There is so much to do, so many issues to deal with, so much happening in such a complex environment I admit to needing a cup of tea and a smoke to calm down and get my thoughts in order when the brief was over.

At this point I should tell you that I will not be using any names of any person I work with nor openly naming the company – I am doing this for personal security and OPSEC reasons (and a desire to avoid either the sack or a lawsuit or both!)

My boss, Si (the Country Manager) has just taken me through my manning table and given me a good synopsis on who’s who. Who performs, who doesn’t, who can be trusted, who I need to watch out for, who needs a firm hand, who just needs a light touch on the reins.  Just what I needed as I can now see my team as a group with all the same collection of individual types, needs and issues that any group has.  It makes things a little less daunting – but just a little.

Flying out day after tomorrow for Kandahar.


~ by Centurion on April 2, 2010.

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