First Casualties

1600 hours, east of Hawz-e Madad. IED, probably in a culvert, took out one of our guard vehicles. Three casualties (all local nationals and all seriously wounded). All are currently in Kandahar hospital . Two have been stabilised, one still in surgery.  I hope one of my first jobs this week is not going to be paying out death money to a widow and her kids.

Insurgents mortared KAF (no details to hand) about 5 minutes ago.  My three guard towers and the main entrance guard are all stood-to until we make a call on ‘all clear’ – in the meantime life goes on. The lads are pumping iron out the back, some are in their rooms and a couple are still in ops waiting for our last convoy to get in.


~ by Centurion on April 5, 2010.

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