KAF: Fast Food Goes To War

Took another drive into KAF today for a VTC (Videocon) at COMKAF. What a load of bollocks that was – true, it covered very important aspects of fuel delivery to keep forces going and is a vital coord mechanism but there is no reason for me to be there.  I have an LO on site so he can do the VTCs and let me know if there is anything major that affects our ops. 

After the VTC, TF and I took a wander around the ‘boardwalk’. Another shocker.  Burger King, coffee shops, jewellery, carpets, TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut and on and on.  All populated by a strolling crowd of pasty faced, pudding-gutted base pogos gorging themselves on fast food and shooting the breeze while their fighting counterparts are out in the desert doing it tough against the Taliban.  Maybe I am just a grumpy old ex-infantryman but it really turned my stomach.  General McCrystal is rumoured to have expressed his displeasure along the same lines and is soon to shut the lot down.  Good riddance, I say.

Still and all, I had a bloody terrific double-shot latte that finally put paid to the caffeine withdrawal headache I’ve had for the past three days.

Photos are of  aspects of my base, taken from inside the inner-perimeter. Guard towers and Bastion hesco walls.  The base is ringed with both inner and outer perimeter walls dotted with guard towers and our tripod mounted MGs.  The more I look at our security the more I relax but the more there remains to be done.


~ by Centurion on April 6, 2010.

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