Ambushes and Stinking Bathrooms

7 April and I’ve been away 1 week.  Only 9 to go!

Two convoys ambushed today. One at 1030 just north of Moqor on Hwy 1 and one at 1430 just east of Hawz-e Madad. The latter was also directed at an ANA checkpoint though which the convoy was passing. Small arms fire (PKM) only from the insurgents.  Our guards returned fire and both convoys drove through with nil casualties and only minor vehicle damage.  We were lucky today.

More meet and greets for me at KAF and some weapons training on the AK.  Once I’m tested and shot on the weapon I’ll be signed off and legal to carry my AK outside of the wire. I’m already carrying the Glock 17 by choice – lightweight, rapid firing and accurate. I love it.

TF (my predecessor) is moving out of his room and I am moving it.  It will be good to finally get out of transit room and into my own that I can set up.  It will feel a bit more like home and I’ll be more settled for it.  Incidentally, the rooms are all 5m x 3m sections that have been walled off and insulated, each with an external door, in massive shipping containers that have had a roof erected over them.  Every pair of rooms is connected by a bathroom consisting of toilet and shower recess. They all stink as the sewerage fumes and stagnated water stench come up through the fittings – I’ll get mine sluiced through every day with hot water and bleach once TF leaves to take up his new role in Ghazni.  In one of the aisles created by the containers we have our gym that gets a massive workout every night from all of us – I’m heading there now.

I miss L and the kids a hell of a lot – it’s worse at night when I turn out the lights and lie there thinking about them. Just part of the job but it’s a crappy part.


~ by Centurion on April 7, 2010.

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