Osama’s Tank

8 April. More dashes into KAF to meet the Brit LTCOL who heads up fuels only to be told (like yesterday) he had gone to another meeting and ours was postponed until tomorrow.  I know we have to maintain a good relationship with these people but I and my LO were pissed off to be bumped yet again.  It is not as if I just stroll across the road to attend these meetings!  I race up Route 4, every time a dangerous thing to do, risking possible small arms and IED attack – as well as pull myself away from important operational work here at the base – to attend these bloody things so being flipped off so casually really grates. My LO communicated that loud and clear to the USMC Gunny and Chief Warrant Officer who are the LTCOL’s gate-keepers (among other more important tasks).

Photo is of a ruined Soviet T54 tank – could well have been used by the Northern Alliance or Taliban –in the foreground of a ruined Mosque.  The mosque, I am told, is Osama Bin Laden’s former mosque when he was operating out of Kandahar.


~ by Centurion on April 8, 2010.

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