Ambush Alley

I’ve realised the section of Route 1 in the vicinity of Hawz-e Madad, specifically between ISAF report lines SA16 and SA18, is ambush alley for us.  We took three ambushes today on 2 convoys. One of the contacts was technically a pretty well executed area ambush and the convoy, breaking through one ran straight into the second.  Vehicle damage and one wounded driver.  There are certainly many other hot spots in my region but this is the worst. Areas we also cover are in SW Region (covering Helmand Province) where we have to contend with running the gauntlet along routes down to Lashkar Gah and up to Musa Qal’ah, where heavy contact is guaranteed every time.

It’s a bit of a shit-fight out there at the moment. Broken down tankers, each with one of my teams, and 5 tankers an FOB now no longer wants all stuck out in the badlands with dusk coming on.  It will be an interesting night.

Photo is of a USMC Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) just outside of ECP3 on the way into KAF.  What I wouldn’t give for half a dozen of those!


~ by Centurion on April 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ambush Alley”

  1. Great stuff so far. Good to see another PSC blog about Afghanistan.

    If you thought the Fobbits at KAF were bad, you should see the ones at Bagram. Truly disturbing.

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