The Typical Day

Every day is a busy day.  Today was no different.

Up at 0600 and in the office with a cup of tea by 0630. Tankers dispatched that should not have been, vehicle accidents, meetings in KAF with my LOs then with the senior client rep all formed part of my morning before 1000. I met with the J4 at RC South – seems like a decent chap (Brit) with obviously a very sharp mind – who quizzed me on a plan I am not familiar with and which, frankly, requires some modifications. Back down Route 4 with my PSD guys and into the office where I still am nine hours later.  Reporting, stores control, weapons checks, internet troubles, a plan for some down-time for the Nepalese guards, drafting a Planning Aide Memoire, responding to inquiries from my Country Manager, defending my Mobile Ops guys from flame emails and sniping from a complete dickhead employed by the tanker company, fielding client inquiries on convoy progress, implementing a loss and damage (L&D) process, amending the way we do Route Assessments and a thousand other little things have all been part of the day today.

On top of everything we have moved to a heightened state of alert following the reported – but as yet unconfirmed shooting – of a PSC manager in Kandahar City. I haven’t had a chance to check CNN yet but we are taking it seriously. I am not overly worried – in fact I’m not worried at all.  We have a strong compound, good procedures and drills, a very good static guard force of Nepalese, my Force Protection guys are excellent and all of my lads are experienced vets who know the score.

At least I got away for 45 minutes at 1700 for some time in the gym.  Blowing out the cobwebs on the rowing machine and the weights is a real therapy I just can’t do without.

Tomorrow will be the same – just as hectic only different issues.


~ by Centurion on April 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Typical Day”

  1. Just found your blog. To me you have a full plate for yourself. On the PSC manager have not heard a thing over here in the states. stay safe will stop in at times. 🙂

  2. Just heard about a compound getting hit your way. hope all is well.

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