The Heat is On

Things are heating up… and it’s not just the weather.KAF is rocketed almost every night and teams of insurgent suicide bombers have infiltrated Kandahar Province, making their way to Kandahar city, looking for soft targets.  IED activity is on the increase and our convoys are being hit every other day by SAF from quite well-laid insurgent ambushes. The ANP are doing a good job in the city, hunting down and arresting or otherwise dealing with, bomber teams.  Today, three bombers were captured, along with all their kit and explosives but more are on the loose.  I have a close relationship with the ANP in this area and they work hard, every single day, to keep us safe as best they can – but as my contact says: “We try our best, but you must be ready”.  We are.

Yesterday, one of our interpreters was arrested by ANP CID for alleged links to the Tehrik-i Taliban.  He is from Pakistan and, apparently, the Taliban have his family in their sights unless he feeds them information about our position and movements.  I feel sorry for the duress he is apparently put under, but if he has been lagging to the Taliban and putting the lives of my lads (and our clients) in danger he deserves what’s coming to him (and then some).  Pakistani employees and local employees with families in Pakistan are a security risk we need to look in to.

I got a big ‘attaboy’ from COMKAF (well, his rep anyway) yesterday for the action on 27 April.  I passed it on to the lads who were appreciative but we’d all appreciate two nights in Dubai with a fist full of dollars a whole lot more!

My XO – DB – goes out on leave tomorrow, the lucky bastard. I have weeks to go until I have my family around me again, and then only for too short a time.


~ by Centurion on May 5, 2010.

One Response to “The Heat is On”

  1. Thanks for shearing.And keep your head down out there.( like i need to tell you that) In someways wish i was there. stay safe.

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