A Loony Toons Ambush and One Captured Bad Guy

Better day today.  Got a phone call from the CM on leave who must have picked up my vibe (is he reading this blog??).  While I’m never one for big man hugs and pats on the head, his call gave me a real lift and I have since been told Dubai are holding me up as the example Ops Manager! Go figure… makes me cringe a bit at my weepy last post.

To be honest I’m scratching my head for this post.  Things are all a bit hum-drum at the moment. Very routine and boring. Touch wood.  I’m certain that’ll change in the coming weeks which is why we are working flat out on hardening the position. I manage to get out on the road today with some of the Force Protection lads on a minor task – good to get out of the office.

One of my convoys from here to Lashkargah was ambushed earlier by a large party (20+) of insurgents using an IED concealed in a wheelbarrow supported by direct fire from PKM and AK.  The ambush, unbelievably, was set on both sides of Route Elephant and they were undoubtedly firing into each other.  Our escort guards returned fire and actually captured an insurgent who was handed over to the ANP. Three escort guards WIA and one escort vehicle was damaged. No word on insurgent casualties. The convoy quickly re-grouped and pushed through to its destination.

I’m really proud of the LN guys for containing the contact and capturing an insurgent – as well as handing him over in one piece to the proper authorities.  I’ll have the Commander in for tea tomorrow morning to thank him.


~ by Centurion on May 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “A Loony Toons Ambush and One Captured Bad Guy”

  1. Interesting, I wonder how they snatched him without having (or choosing to) zap him

    Great blog man, regular reader here

    ~James G

  2. Pretty disciplined of them to show restraint. I mean, they could have shot him and no one would have been any wiser, and in a way you could hardly blame them to take out a bit of anger at being attacked nearly every day on the insurgent.

    Good to see things are, for the moment, looking up for you.

  3. Keep pushing forward.

  4. Yeah that’s crazy, well done team.glad to hear things are a bit better.

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