Canadian Parking Drills, Eh…

Ever wondered why it is that some things that make some people fume, make others laugh?

If you have seen KAF you will know it is like driving in Bangkok – traffic chaos and the parking is worse – so you’ll appreciate that when one sees a free car space one would be nuts not to take it. Right?

A couple of my Force Protection lads were in KAF today, safe-handing some documents to COMKAF and the client. Arriving in vicinity of COMKAF they noticed a neat, and empty, car space and promptly pulled the armoured into it, jumped out, locked the doors and headed in to make their delivery.  Delivery done, they walked out to discover that someone had parked a Surf at right angles across the rear of the armoured, thus sealing it in.

Being observant men, they noticed the Maple-leaf sticker on the window of the Surf and, being fairly quick on the uptake, decided to check if the parking space actually had a ‘Reserved for …” sign stuck to the T-wall.  It did. It appears they were parked in a senior Canadian officer’s car park.  Said Canuck, in a fit of pique, has obviously parked them in figuring they would have to wait until he got back to take a bollocking and have the armoured released.  My lads scratched their heads. What to do?

Simple: they called up the other armoured waiting for them near ECP3, attached the tow-strap to the front of the Surf and dragged it clear, jumped into their armoured and drove off.  Job done.  No doubt the Canadian officer returned some time later, relishing the prospect of a good dressing-down, only to discover no armoured and two big drag marks behind his vehicle which, by now, was probably plastered with abusive notes from the other drivers he had ‘parked in’.

I’m still laughing.


~ by Centurion on May 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Canadian Parking Drills, Eh…”

  1. Officers, can’t live with em, can’t kill em(often)

  2. Too funny! Your lads should have moved the Canucks car back into the same place he had originally parked it and have him scratching his head a bit until he figured out how your lads got out.

  3. LOL ok this made my day. thanks.

  4. Brute force and calculus, works every time.

  5. If the officer had been important, he would have had a driver. That said, I want one of of the uparmored Surfs that drove me around on the northern Ontario construction camp that is KAF, although with left-hand drive.

  6. The muscle always takes the day! Again an example of might makes right.


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