Another Statistic…

Sadly, it’s old news when an IED claims another life in this place.

At 1125 this morning one of our convoys went in to a short halt, in the vicinity of Hawz-e Madad, as our guards deployed to secure a choke point.  As they fanned out to cover the convoy’s passage, an IED detonated killing one of my guards.  His comrades gathered his body and the convoy proceeded with no damage.  Another successful fuel delivery.

It happens every day all around this fucked-up country but I wanted to post this because the guard – I know his name but can only call him M.Y here – needs to be remembered, if only until the next one.

Later in the afternoon a band of insurgents ambushed another of our convoys in the vicinity of Gereshk. Minor injuries and a partially damaged tanker.  Again, the fuel got through which, for us, is what it’s all about.


~ by Centurion on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Another Statistic…”

  1. My condolences to you,his families,and to the team.

  2. Sorry to hear. Please take care.

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