Countdown to Leave

Single figures and I’m out of here for ** glorious weeks at home with L and the kids. I’ve only just allowed myself to think about it and now I can’t stop thinking about it. ** weeks without dust, flies, sand, IEDs, snipers, irate clients, irate bosses, whining LNs, razor wire, Hesco walls, armoured vehicles, suicide bombers, sleeping with my weapons and one ear open, checking on the Neps, inedible food, power cuts, the dig of a Glock at my hip, stinking septics, rusty water, clenching my jaw (and arse cheeks) when I drive over a culvert, RFI, CIR, CSR, CSD, MDS, BDA, Sitreps, Morreps, Shotreps, Route Assessments, Threat Assessments ….



~ by Centurion on May 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Countdown to Leave”

  1. Hope you hear the sounds of wheels up really soon. Enjoy the bed, the kids, and the food.

  2. Kick back, and enjoy a good cider. Magners is good.

    • Thanks Dale… more of a beer man, but do have a penchant for alcoholic ginger beer. I expect one or two of those will be dealt with in a few days.

  3. Ha! More of a wiskey man myself, but a cider / beer is refreshing. But enjoy.

    Then come back, and blog about interesting stuff as you have been, M’kay?

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