A Can of Coke and a Close Recce

Of course, I know we are being watched all the time (and I don’t mean by my Higher!) There are a row of shops outside the compound – like everywhere else in Afghanistan – and we all know insurgents sit there monitoring our movements; but yesterday really brought it home.

About 1115hrs one of the client’s workers, outside the wire, noticed three Afghan men, traditionally dressed, with long beards, wild hair and wrapped with blankets over their shoulders, walk casually into a shop that has recently sprung up outside our outer cordon. As the worker and his partner glanced at them, one of the three men accidentally dropped his blanket from his shoulder to reveal chest rigging and AK magazines. The two workers legged it back towards the gate and, seeing them run, the three men bolted as well. We stood to, sat it out for a while then went into our drills to ensure the perimeter was secure. Nil result.

While the three men could have been BGs of some local warlord, it is likely – almost certain – they were bad guys, either conducting a recce or just boldly buying a coke from the shop. Either way it’s not a good sign. As they say: “complacency kills”, and we’re ready.


~ by Centurion on June 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “A Can of Coke and a Close Recce”

  1. well keep your head down.and your lucky the LN’s let you know about it. that shows respect.

  2. Great blog! Keep it going. I’m in Kandahar on the AVIPA+ USAID project. Our close protection guys are brilliant, and I lost a good friend – Dan Saville – in the Pamir Air crash last month. Two others, CC and DT, also need mentioning. You guys really earn your pay. Check my travel blog for some of my thoughts. Enjoyed reading yours and will continue to do so. Thanks. Geoff Q-B

  3. Thanks for your post. You are in a very difficult situation. We are very proud of our military. Keep safe.

  4. So nobody bothered to track, capture, and question?????WTF???

    Jeebus. My kid is there to watch badguys, and then not do a fucking thing about it.

    • I understand your feelings. Unfortunately we are not authorised to ‘take the fight’ up – like all PSC we’re defensive and that’s our SOP. Our role is the security of the facility and the client personnel. As for ISAF tearing down the road and assisting…. not likely.

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