Highway To Hell: Part 2

Another bad few days on HWY 1. More KIA from small arms fire, RPGs and IEDs.  More WIA with horrendous GSW (mostly to upper body and abdomen).  We are being ambushed or contacted every day and, often, more than twice a day. It used to be rare for the one convoy to be hit twice in the same day but that is fast becoming the norm as we negotiate ambush alley daily where, from the gardens and houses that line the route, the bad guys operate at will.

During an ambush yesterday near Hawz-e Madad, and subsequent firefight, three empty tankers were hit by RPG fire and exploded. There’s nothing the bad guys like more than a photo of a burning tanker – bad PR for ISAF.  We lost a guard killed and two wounded.

Sure, the hajjis scored three tankers but ninety fulls got through – that’s 3.5 million litres that got to the FOBs and the MRAPs and the gunships.


~ by Centurion on July 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Highway To Hell: Part 2”

  1. We appreciate the information about what is happening outside the bases. Our deepest condolences for your continued losses

  2. Is ISAF responding to these ambushes? or is it the ANA,ANP job.?

    • Hi Dennis… We rarely see ISAF and I can’t remember the last time they turned out when we were in heavy contact. If ANA or ANP are in the area, and the contact is prolonged, they are usually pretty quick to arrive on the scene and lend a hand.

  3. What kills me about these attacks is that if you guys are drawing out the enemy, I don’t see why the ISAF, NATO or any of the thousands of military folks in country wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? It would be a two for one deal. Protect convoys, and get a chance to kill some enemy. Because obviously these convoys are drawing Taliban, like flies to rotten food.
    Also, sorry to hear about the loss of life in your company. Rest in peace to the fallen..

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