KAF Attacked

At around 1200 today two rockets impacting in KAF preceded a ground attack from the southwest that involved a tractor packed with explosives and attempt to breach the perimeter wall. The fire fight went on for about an hour, with KAF responding with ground forces and gunships before the bad guys fled – apparently getting clean away (I haven’t heard of any captures or killed).

There were no (known) casualties inside KAF as far as I’m aware. As soon as it happened we took certain steps and I spent two hours on the wall watching the choppers buzzing around like maddened hornets, and scanning the desert to my west for any signs of movement. It’s a worry because the bad guys nearly always hit KAF from the north – putting the place squarely between us and them – but today it was from the south, and doubtless launched within easy striking distance from here. The fact that the attack was staged in the middle of the day is also a concerning new development.

The bad guys have been pretty laid-back lately when it comes to KAF but today signalled a clear intent to not go ‘quietly into the night’.

Update 4 Aug: The tractor was not used as a VBIED but as cover for a BBIED team to approach the fence before detonating. The tractor, apparantly, had been passing that way daily for some time to establish a pattern of movement to lull any observers in KAF. The entire enemy assault team (reportedly 10) were killed in the attack.


~ by Centurion on August 3, 2010.

One Response to “KAF Attacked”

  1. All of the insurgents were killed by the units who are currently training on the IED Lane.

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