Random Thought #505

The dust in the air made sunset tonight a spectacular affair. The sky, streaked with long tendrils of cloud, was lit blood-red by the setting sun which, itself, dropped like a glowing coal behind a row of dunes. As I sat smoking (in my usual spot) and reflecting on the day, the muezzin in my guard compound tapped his microphone twice, cleared his throat, then broke into the Adhan in a clear and sonorous voice. Fat little sparrows bounced and chirped on the razor wire and two Mirage 2000D of l’Armee de l’Air roared overhead and banked to the north to line up for their finals into KAF.

It made me think. My boy can’t decide right now between being a chef (don’t do it son: slavery and bastardisation in the kitchen for no life and minimum wage) or a paratrooper like his old dad. Watching those Mirages I thought “Now there’s a way to go to war.” Son, work hard at your maths and physics and you can do that. Couple of missions a day then back to the Mess in time for tea and medals. Flight pay, soft beds and good food – what a deal! And when you’re older, you’ll appreciate the almost mystical relationship betwen pilots’ wings and the best looking woman in the room….

Mind you, boy, there isn’t a finer group of men on earth than those that jump into the unknown under a silk canopy…..


~ by Centurion on August 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “Random Thought #505”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I work a cushy job in a corporate office these days. However, I often think about my time in Iraq and sometimes I even miss my days in the Marine Corps.

  2. You painted a nice image there. The grandson just got back from Iraq.I told him move up in rank for a shot at flying helicopters.

  3. Love the quote from black adder goes forth !!

  4. As an old (and I do mean old) RAF pilot I do think you gave your boy good advice. Nothing like the flightline and fun and games in the officers mess. Of course being shot at is always a bummer and to be avoided if possible. My mother raised three babies during the London blitz and that should also be avoided. Good luck to you and you son. We are proud of you both.

  5. I certainly hope you’re writing a book and when you do I want to read it! The style in which you write has such a calming effect…it is lucid and descriptive all at once. I marvel at this since your location is anything but calm. Thanks for sharing your evening smoke with us once again.

    • Thanks for the comment FJ (and the vote of confidence). You’re not a literary agent or publisher by any chance? I would love to write and might just do that one day…

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