Centurion Stands Down

This time tomorrow night I’ll have a cold beer in my hand and a crisp, green, garden salad big enough to choke a horse, in front of me.Today was as different a picture to that as could possibly be.

Tanker roll-over, two ambushes, one of my guards shot and killed at close range driving through Kandahar City, meeting the grieving families of my recent KIA (these people give a whole new meaning to the term ‘stoic’), grilled by a commercial compliance desk-jockey from the client’s Dubai office (“why do you stop some of the convoy in an ambush?” “well, ma’am, mostly it’s because there is a crater in the road from the initiating IED but dead tanker and escort drivers also have something to do with it…” {Jesus wept!} ), and all wrapped up with one tanker and a guard team brassed up by the ANA outside of a FOB to the west of here.  After shooting up the tanker and my guys, the ANA then had the front to confiscate their weapons and demand ‘compensation’.  Remember: this is the very same ANA Karzai is insisting is ready to step up and guarantee the security of this place and the vital fuel convoys that traverse it.

Two Mirages again doing their thing in the dusk sky over KAF, the Muezzin’s song and fat little sparrows chirping in the razor wire as the crickets chirruped, made this evening’s smoke a peaceful few minutes to end another hectic day in Kandahar

Back in a little over three weeks.  All callsigns, this is Centurion. Out.


~ by Centurion on September 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Centurion Stands Down”

  1. Have a safe flight.

  2. Have a safe trip,and a great time on leave. the higher ups can try to get the weapons back and pay for compensation. yeah that’s a fail.

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