A New (Old) Direction

This will be my very last post on this blog.

It’s taken a lot of phone calls, arm twisting, late nights, cold beers, reactivation of an old network and a dozen meetings with lawyers and accountants but it’s finally here. I’ve re-opened the business I was running with two great mates (and thorough professionals) before the GFC blew into town and blew us all out onto individual contracts. It’s a gamble but I figure why work my butt off for someone else when I can do the same for myself – it’s a no-brainer really.

We don’t profess to be one of the ‘Big Boys’ and don’t expect to ever threaten their business but we were doing some great work in a smaller niche and getting great responses from our clients. We believe we can do that again. We’ve got the talent and the drive to make it work (again) so I figured ‘why the hell not?’ and here we are.

You can check us out here and view our ‘Re-Launch Announcement’, old and future blog posts here. I hope we can provide you with something of interest in the Blog and, of course, we’re always ready to assist if you need our services.

To all of my readers here at Kandahar Diary: Thanks for your support and being part of the journey. Stay safe.



~ by Centurion on December 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “A New (Old) Direction”

  1. Many wishes for a safe and successful endeavor! I found your blog while in Afghanistan myself and am very happy to read of a continuation- albeit elsewhere. The country both fascinates and intrigues me … one day I would like to be able to return, less encumbered and with a greater guarantee of safety. I saw so many ares of opportunity for the Afghans, but little to no hope in their eyes. Should your new venture takes you back, then I thank you for your courage and determination.

  2. Good luck on your ‘new’ Ventures. I have enjoyed reading your blog.
    Fair winds and following seas mate.

  3. Thanks for augmenting my never-ending education. I will follow you elsewhere, if only because I really, truly, always want every side of the story. And not to fuel any opinion I have … I’ve lived long enough (and been in enough interesting places) to know that unless I am right there on the ground, doing the work, I don’t have any right to one.

    Thanks for the insight. Stay safe.

    karen in Vancouver.

  4. Wishing you a Happy New Year seems a bit lame, considering what you are undertaking. Unlike most of your other bloggers I have little connection to what you do. So once I finished reading your previous blogs I felt OK that was interesting, ready to move on…..then your comment “Fat, Dumb and Happy” kept playing over in my mind. Perhaps blindly happy and ignorant of the wider world outside my bubble. Fat I will not lay claim to, however what woman would. I surmise that I am not overly happy with that, so while I sat on my verandah, looked over my paddocks and watched the sky change colour with the approaching night, I found that the boundaries of my bubble need expanding. Time to open my eyes and see what lies beyond the fence.
    I have an inchoate longing to have a better understanding as to why the world needs organisations like yours. A chosen profession that puts you on the defensive edge of the free world. I guess the world is full of encumbrances that are only exacerbated by civil war, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, weak govts., dictatorships, fiats or greed. Meanwhile disparity rules and people’s happiness, security and hope for a better future are vied with.
    I’m starting to see why groups like A.C. Edwards Security are in need, if only to allow a flicker of hope to keep freedom pushing forward.
    Good luck……and what the hell,….Happy New Year.

  5. Centurion,

    Good luck with the new (old) gig. I’ll miss your stuff out of Kandahar. Always hoped to meet up when I next got down that way. Maybe next time you pass through, this time with your own clients.

    Stay safe, and keep out of the line of fire.


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