About Kandahar Diary

Kandahar Diary is my attempt to record my thoughts and observations of life in Afghanistan as a security contractor for a twelve-month period from 31 Mar 2010. I hope the blog will tell it as it is, with an eye to objectivity; neither too personal nor overtly political. It is also my hope that, while giving you a small insight into the country and the war that tears it apart, this blog will help me deal with the long periods of separation from my family and friends.


3 Responses to “About Kandahar Diary”

  1. Very cool, and I am glad to see another fellow security contractor blogger telling their story. I will look forward to reading your blog and put you up on my RSS reader.

  2. I’m glad I found your blog and will have to catch up with the past posts. My husband and his unit will be there sometime soon, and it will be good to hear other accounts of what is happening there. I hope you stay safe and return with no harm.

  3. I instructed in CRW and Guerrila warfare at Canungra for two years 67/69 and was G2 Int 1ATF in 66/67.If the “battle” in Afghanistan is military,political and economics, and if Afghanistan is Europe and Russia’s main source of opium, the country’s main income earner, the main source of corruption and political power, why is the matter not given nmore scrutiny?

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